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Australian Migration Myths: Busted

Australia is a land of opportunity and a lot of people are migrating here.  The trouble is that there are a lot of misconceptions about moving to the land down under. For example, you don’t need to send money to Australia to facilitate your migration plans.

A lot of people have this problem. If you don’t want to end up having migration headaches, you’ll want to find the truth about myths like these. Some of them, like the need to send money to Australia can do a lot more harm than good. Here are a few misconceptions that need to be cleared up.

You’ll need a lot of money to get setup

One of the main reasons that people ask others to send money to Australia is that they say the costs of living and the fees are way high. Most people think that they’ll stay for a few months and then lose all their money. They’ll then end up going back home, without a cent to their name.

However, living down under is not going to break the bank. This is especially if you are planning to work in Australia. The fees are also pretty reasonably priced. If anyone asks you to send a lot of money, they’re probably going to scam you in the future. Just have a solid nest egg to keep comfortable and budget wisely.

You need a company sponsor

A lot of people think they need a company sponsor to start working in Australia. The truth is that while it does make things easier, a sponsor is not that necessary. All you need to do is be able to show that you have skills that would be useful in the workforce.

All this requires is that you have a skill or occupation from the Australian Skilled Occupation List. If you do, you can apply for a visa and have a decent chance of getting one. You can actually get an Australia working holiday visa and get to work while you’re on your vacation.

I can do it all on my own

Technically, applying for a visa can be done all on your own. The trouble with that idea is that there is a lot of legislation in place for Australian immigration. This is combined with the fact that this is constantly updated and changed.

Without some help, you’ll end up losing a lot of time and money. This is why you’ll want to find friendly visa agencies that can help you untangle the visa mess. Most of them have small fees or are even completely free. Take them up on their offer to make sure your Australian journey ends successfully.

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