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Designing and Planning Safe and Cost Effective Laboratories

Laboratories are designed accordingly to regulations and restrictions. Not all laboratories fitout is the same as it needs to be specifically in reference to its use and purpose.

Laboratory designs

Designing laboratories are a vent on key elements of lab designing. This includes flexibility, environmental factors, user’s positioning and installation of furniture and refurbishments. A laboratory fitout should not only meet specific regulations but most importantly accommodate dynamic lab space that promotes utility, activity, and efficiency. It also answers to efficiency in waste flow, supplies, and staff mobility. It also complies with laboratory standard especially when involves with chemicals use, storage, and manufacturing.

Laboratory installation services must ensure the lab is separated from outside areas and must be bounded by walls and doors. This will keep unauthorized personnel from entering especially when there are hazardous chemicals. Walls and doors aren’t only for keeping out unauthorized personnel but also for containing spills. Laboratory designs must have provisions for lockable doors and windows. If the window is open, it must be fitted with insects’ screens. All laboratory furniture must be made of sturdy materials. Work surfaces, on the other hand, must be waterproof and impermeable by chemicals. An ideal laboratory has benches and cabinets that are resistant to chemicals as well.

In designing laboratories, there must be extensive planning, coordination and collaboration between the design team and the stakeholders and every detail must be worked out as any even the smallest detail that is incorrectly done can make a great impact on the function and safety of the laboratory. The designing team must be effectively sized in the lab to meet users’ requirements. This is to ensure all furniture like the bench, equipment, and the sink and storage cabinets are adequately placed and will not limit mobility, flexibility, and space and will not be of safety hazards. The designing and fitout providers must determine control areas to come up with lab designs that meet all code of safety requirements and to be able to incorporate meaningful aesthetics. These results in having a laboratory that is safe and functional as well as pleasant and attractive.

A safe and functional laboratory is not only the concern of laboratory fitout designers and providers but also of lab owners. When both are fully coordinating and collaborating along the planning process, they are heading on embarking a more successful lab design and planning process that leads to the best functioning and most cost-effective laboratory.

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