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Lebanese meals usually consist of whole grains, lots of fruits and vegetable and while the meat is also part of the menu, it is served sparingly while plates of seafood are in abundance. Chicken and chips are also part of a Lebanese quick-serve menus t and one can generally have a feast when dining and enjoying an authentic Lebanese restaurant in Australia.

Regular entree

Chicken, beef or lamb kafta is a regular entree in any authentic Lebanese restaurant in Australia. However creative Lebanese chefs have different variations of the Kafta, a meatball stuffed with onions, parleys and spiced abundantly and then barbecued or served in gravy. Chicken and chips go well with this delicious homey Lebanese meal. Desserts menus are not without the Kanafeh, a sugary pastry in orange blossomed syrup to end up delicious Lebanese dining.  Another good Lebanese meal to start your dining is a plate of hummus made of blended chicken peas, garlic, and Tahiti. However, the star of a Lebanese plate is the chicken charcoal.

Family dining and bonding

Lebanese restaurants in Australia offer good family dining especially when the whole gang is craving for chicken barbecued in charcoal. Authentic Lebanese restaurants are the best place to go for the best charcoal chicken that goes well with the authentic Lebanese garlic sauce. Besides enjoying the aromatic and delicious and juicy charcoal chicken, Lebanese restaurants in and around Sydney, Victoria, Granville and Queensland, the customers enjoy great ambiance and service. The charcoal chicken is partnered with some extra sides like bread or carrots sticks and Lebanese hummus for added delicious bites. Chicken charcoal in Granville like in neighboring suburbs is served hot and fresh and always quick. The chicken wraps are also served hot and fresh and quick to satisfy a hungry stomach. Family dining together can never be disappointed in enjoying the best charcoal chicken in town in quick and best service. A family meal menu usually includes 2 large chickens, chips, garlic sauce, bread and choice of pickles or coleslaw and drinks.

If you are craving for some charcoal chicken and want to enjoy it fast, fresh and in very comfortable ambiance, an authentic Lebanese restaurant in Australia is the best place to go. Your meal starts with crispy bites of chicken and chips dipped in authentic Lebanese garlic sauce and while enjoying the good ambiance and food service, you definitely satisfy your chicken charcoal cravings without going overboard your budget.

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