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In the past, working in the construction industry was not an easy feat. Today, with the help of equipment like boom lifts, not only has the work become easier; these have also made it safer for the employees to work in a construction site. Among the available equipment for construction works, boom lifts are one of the more popular ones. What are these?

These are classified under mobile elevated work platform (MEWP), also known as aerial work platform (AWP). Some would refer to these as access machinery. It’s because AWP like the boom lifts can let you work in commonly inaccessible areas temporarily, thanks to their extending mechanical platforms. While there are other types of AWP that can let you work in an elevated area such as the scissor lifts, these only move in a vertical position. A boom lift is considered more advantageous in situations where you need better reach where the use of a scissor lift would not allow you to do so. It’s because it has several components that fold, which lets you reach places that a scissor lift can’t. Another equipment that will let you work in a similar manner is a cherry picker.

Now there are various types of boom lifts and cherry pickers. The main difference would be the fact that some of these will have further reach, while others on the other hand will not. Nevertheless, they all function in almost the same way. These will have a platform or bucket that is connected to a boom. This can move is several directions such as side to side or in an upward motion with the help of hinges. These machineries can be operated by the worker from the platform itself or with the help of a second operator from the ground level.

Where to Get One    

You have two options – you buy the equipment yourself or you can also get this from cherry pickers for hire as rental equipment. Now, if you are just starting out, you are better off getting these from a rental business. These types of machinery can be very costly. Unless you have plans to start an AWP rental business, buying these can easily break your budget.

Why Use One

It makes work easier for your employees. You can expect to finish your project sooner than expected which could help you save on labor costs. Employees will be working on a steady platform so you also get to ensure their safety. These types of machineries in the construction industry allow for a safer construction and let you finish your projects on time.

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