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Pinterest has become the most popular go-to resource for those who are searching for some wedding video style inspiration. And, while it’s true that this provides some themes that you can choose from, you are not the only one who have used this very popular social media website. With this said, someone else may have already used the theme that you saw in here in their own wedding videos.  To do away with this type of dilemma, we have compiled other possible sources to make your video uniquely you.

  1. Get inspiration from music videos

Do you have a favorite singer? Or, maybe you and your partner can relate to a certain music video? Or, how about turning back time with a song straight from the 70s or 80s? Music videos are a great way to get some inspiration for wedding videos. You can think of this as a remake, but with your own personal twist to it. You can just ask your wedding filmmaker to copy or come up with something that’s close to the chosen music video.

  1. Relieve a dream or fantasy

You may have this fantasy or dream that you want to experience in real life. Instead of burying it as a dream that will never be discovered, why not make turn this into a video instead – your wedding video to be exact?

  1. Live as a kid for a day

If you have been around with kids for even a day, you will soon discover that they have this knack at coming up with a very vivid imagination. Do you have a niece of a nephew? Then take him or her out for a walk at the park, or simply just play inside the house. You never know where your conversations might take you. Who knows? You would eventually stumble upon some great idea for wedding videos.

  1. Ask a cinematographer.

By now, you may have already conducted some interviews for your wedding video. Instead of coming up with your own idea, know that cinematographers are very artistic people. Don’t wait for a suggestion, ask for it. You never know what this person may come up with.

  1. Rummage through your photo albums.

Or maybe you can just revisit your old photos. A memory or two could help you think of a good theme that you can use for your wedding film.

Why choose to have a wedding video theme? Because you deserve to have a star-like experience during your wedding day.

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