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Constructions dealing with weatherproofing or flashing use flashing products. On the other hand, works with radiation shielding use radiation shielded products. Choosing the right products has the most impact on the outcome and finished projects. The quality is also paramount to the best results.


Flashing refers to thin pieces or sheets of impervious materials installed to make the structure water proofed. Flashing can be made of galvanized metal, copper, tin, wood, lead, and plastic. Using flashing products is considered a best building practice especially on roofs or exterior walls. Flashing products are used where building is with a skylight or chimney or with air vent extending through the roof. The flashing prevents leaks and provides something connecting to the roof where elements go through it. It has similarities with radiation shielding using radiation shielded products, which created radiation-free walling, but in flashing, it is leak proof roof so the house is kept dry. Each time there is transition between material such as foundation, windows, or doors, flashing products such as metal sheets to make sure it shed water over the top material below and does not let it under or behind it. Metal flashing available in lead flashing in Sydney comes in different shapes and thickness. Keeping the flashing in place is the best way to ensure the water runs off the downturn of the flashing and not on the sidings or the boards. Metal and lead flashing is also for exterior siding. Galvanized steel flashing has the lowest costing among flashing materials including copper and steel. It is created by coating metal with galvanized steel coating and ensures the water does not leak through. Homeowners with limited budget can save with galvanized flashing.

Radiation shielding                                                                                                                          

Constructions of medical rooms such as x-ray do radiation shielding to block Beta particles.  Radiation shielded products are with materials such as aluminum, lead, steel and concrete. Of these materials, lead is considered the most effective to stop or reduce ionizing radiation. Construction of living spaces is now using radiation shielding products to protect occupants from the pollution and exposure to radiation. Radiation shielding is done in windows, doors, walls, and roof. Types of radiation shielding products include lead lined drywall and lead x-ray glass. Modern homes now are being constructed with lead lined doors and frames with lead lined wood doors and custom lead lined doors and frames. Lead glass for windows is also available. Radiation shielding take into consideration the height and width, finish, lead thickness and location to match radiation shielding.

For more information of flashing and radiation shielding products, contact your local provider and seek professional advice on your flashing and radiation shielding needs.

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