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Destination weddings have become quite popular in recent years. A stunning location paired with amazing wedding cinematography has become the key element in this form of the marriage ceremony. It appeals to the younger generations of millennials who prefer to travel and try out new experiences. Just before the pandemic, UK-based Flowercard released the 2020 Destination Wedding Index, a guide for couples who wish to tie the knot somewhere in the world. In a list of a little over 40 countries, the cities of Brisbane, Perth, and Sydney have landed in the fifth, third, and second spots respectively as part of the top wedding destinations of the year. (It was Las Vegas that took the top spot.)

Despite being a continent so distant from other countries, Australia has earned a reputation amongst couples for its stunning geography, fair climate, and exceptional wedding services. In fact, hiring wedding filmmakers in Sydney is something you must not leave out in your planning list should you decide to get married down under. Having a professional crew document your special day plays a critical role in framing your wedding amidst the raw, rustic, and ethereal environment of Australia. 

Australia has so much to offer when it comes to weddings. Sydney in particular has a couple of well-loved wedding venues that draw crowds all year long. One example is Hunter Valley where an endless horizon of vineyards becomes the accent of garden weddings. It’s like the Napa Valley of California. With such stunning views, it would be a grave mistake not to have this captured by a team that can deliver amazing wedding cinematography. Other popular locations include The Illawarra, Central Coast, and the Blue Mountains among many others. 

Doing a destination wedding in any of these wonderful Australian locations may sound easy. But it also takes a lot of preparation and effort in order to pull off an exceptional wedding experience. For any destination wedding, a practical rule to follow is to always hire wedding cinematographers that know your wedding location well. Australia or even Sydney’s terrain, lighting, and weather are things that a local can truly understand and navigate. Equipment alone won’t result in a stunning wedding video. Skills and local knowledge play a huge part as well in creating your dream wedding video.

Ultimately, if you were to invest in one key component in your wedding, it’s making sure that you will have nothing but the most amazing wedding cinematography you could possibly get. Because what makes destination weddings different from the rest of the other wedding types is the experience of doing it in a location that is outside the usual. And the best way to capture this are through photos and videos.

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