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Senator Chuck Schumer to Donald Trump – “It was really Dumb“ to Attack the Attackers!

With the intelligence community, making it clear that reports of Russian’s President Puttin having influenced the recently concluded US election, and Donald Trump using the attack-dog strategy: a US senator in the person of Sen. Chuck Schumer is giving warnings to the president-elect Donald Trump to “calm down ” his twitter usage and said that it was “really dumb” to take on the intelligence services and stop at once his attacks on the clandestine services.

The senator, who has good working relationship with Mr. Trump, was not alone in his opinion as Donald Trump’s aides are already gently prodding the president-elect to drop the attacks and at the same time, placate the already nervous Republicans and starts displaying moving forward actions in reforming the intelligence-gathering bureaucracy. It was also reported that one longtime adviser of Trump has urged him that the time to move on has come and he has to really move on.


The discussion poses reactions on the efforts of Trump, minimizing intelligence’s assessments about Russia influencing the US election. Hence, that Trump’s “attacking behavior” came to an abrupt end, as top intelligence offices had a “detailed classified briefing” at Trump Towers and the supposedly  release of “an unclassified report” with conclusion that Russian President Vladimir Puttin had a clear preference towards Mr. Trump over his Democrat rival and former secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.


Critics of Trump like John Weaver had taken the position of comparing Trump’s actions and Twitter rampages to his election and campaign tactics, which he said would not work well in the Washington. He added, it was clearly a different thing when one is dealing and working with the combined power of the C.I.A., F.B.I., and N.S.A.


There is also clear intention of easing the foreseen rift between the future Trump White House and the intelligence community by announcing the choice for Dan Coats, a former Indiana senator, and who was similarly popular like Trump as director of national intelligence. The choice according to Trump’s close aids has been in the works for some time and it really find good reasons for announcing the decision.


Trump’s admission of wrongly attacking the intelligence community is still not seen as a clear refection of a big shift from his pronounced strategy or as a way of appeasing his advisers or as a temporary reaction and with the intention of simply avoiding negative news cycle.


Before the release of the report, Mr. Trump has repeatedly displayed doubts on the emerging consensus among the intelligence officials and from other analysts outside the community including legislators from Democrats and Republicans and that Puttin had “influenced” or “interfered “with the election. After a postponed briefing, Mr. Trump again tweeted, “Russian hacking was delayed until Friday. Perhaps more time needed to build a case. Very strange!”


On quick response, James R. Clapper Jr., director of national intelligence that Mr. Trump charged is not true and he showed concern over such disparagement of the U.S. intelligence community. However, Trump’s tone changed a bit, which is something akin to the president-elect as he is known for his penchant for masking a change in tune by turning off the volume at full blast. He bent his rants to his favorite excuses – the Democrats and the media. Before he was due to receive the report, Trump tweeted out blaming on NBC for broadcasting the intelligence findings.


Mr. Trump’s own party is prodding him in going for more aggressive stance in confronting Russia, and same sentiments are being felt across the country. Thus, Republican senator John McCain has just vowed that there is consensus move of shielding the intelligence agencies from any attack and that doesn’t exclude one waged by co-Republican president-elect.

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